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Are there "Issues" with Lockwood Fire?  Of course there are.  But let me first quell any anxiety over rumors that have been spread about Lockwood.   Lockwood has had it's ups and downs.  All special districts go through cycles.  Lockwood is in the midst of what I like to call a "rebuilding" period.  Having been a member of the Auxiliary and having attended the monthly Board meetings, I have a good idea of what needs to be done for Lockwood Fire to continue to serve the community.  I hope you will give me the opportunity to work towards the goals I discuss below.

Issue 1 - Recruiting firefighters.  It's hard to obtain volunteer firefighters these days.  There's a lot of hard work associated with the trade and it requires extensive training.  Living in such a rural area, young men and women aren't readily available.  I believe we need to work on the recruitment and retention aspect of Lockwood Fire.  I hope to work with everyone on improving our staffing.

Issue 2 - Communications.  I have heard some complaints regarding communications. There has been a lack of communications to the public regarding the status of your fire department.  I will work closely with CalFire to institute a better communications team to keep you updated. 

Issue 3 - Rebuild Lockwood with CalFire guidance.  The CalFire Amador Plan contract with Lockwood Fire is for three years.  I am excited about this!  It gives us an opportunity to work with the best California has to offer.  I look forward to working with CalFire to bring Lockwood up to the standards we expect.  Our dollars are being spent wisely with this contract.

Issue 4 - Planning for the Future.  I believe Lockwood needs a plan for the future.  While there is a plan in place, I would like the opportunity to revisit the goals for the future success of our fire department and work with everyone to update those goals and work towards them. 


Above all, I work for you.  I encourage the public to call me with your ideas and suggestions.  This is YOUR Fire Department.  I will work hard on your behalf to insure Lockwood Fire is there for our community and keep you updated on our progress.  We must work together to keep us all safe.

Call me at 295-4224, 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday or e-mail me at

Committee to Support Stevens for Lockwood Fire Board Director 2018  ID#1402564
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